Monday, June 29, 2009

Dear Friends,

I love you so hard
I am popping a wheelie in my heart for you
I love you so hard
it's like a fist through a skull
inappropriate and unnecessarily demonstrative
I love you like this man loves his dog
like a forty loves a stoop
like I love a stoop except more
My love is a zombie--always rarin' to go
it wants to eat your face
I want to eat your face
and the brain behind it
I want to eat your brain and
chew on your spinal chord
like it's breaded calamari
If I could, I would pick you up
and chuck you into some clouds
I would break your glasses
even if you don't wear glasses
I would give you my glasses to wear
and then break them
just to watch you cry
because the tears would be your soul
coming out of your face
for me to look at
If you ever have children
I will swallow them whole
like that greek god and
you'll have to give me a rock dressed
in baby clothes to get me to
puke them back up again
I love you so hard

1 comment:

1 said...

Oh my actual GAWD.
You are brilliant. And fantastic.
And I love you this much too.