Thursday, July 2, 2009

Slippery Bits

1. singles counseling

2. start chumping your change

3. bummer near-bone

4. i love everyone but maybe i don't love you.
is that going to be a problem?

5. tender fuckup. fender fuckup. tender bender.

6. "Hitler didn't kill himself; he had someone else do it because if you kill yourself then you can't go to Valhalla and I had no idea that Hitler was an Odinist."

7. Woman: Lickout below!
Man: Thar she blows!

8. "We should have a baby and name it Lolita."

9. jokes come from prison. they don't have anything better to do there. they make them there like license plates.

10. "You're just somebody that I used to know."

11. whoa-dang

12. Yo no soy marinero, soy capitan, soy capitan.

13. He reminds me of me/and I like myself/so I-like-him/problem is he don't like himself/so he don't-like-me

14. oh hey, how's it going?

15. "It sort of has that Mark by Mark look to it."

16. play catch up. play catsup. fake ketchup. play blood.

17. stuff n' things. stuff n' stuff. stuffin' things. stuffin' stuff.

18. rock n' roll is here to stay/well come on in now it's okay/ and i'll shake you

19. autoeratoharpist

20. i have loved to be featured on your internet

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