Friday, June 26, 2009

Birthday Sonnet 2008 by Andrew Bleeker

Lindsey's lines belittle sonnets;
No mle's silty bed
Bends Lindsey's destiny,
No Tolstoy nets Lindsey
In snotty libels, not yet,
So set lids on old lies.

No sots blot Lindsey's libido,
No bodies too solid,
So bellies bode Odin's
Best sin, bent tonsils,
Idols to slide on, so
Stints end in sooty yodels.

Lindsey Boldt is
No snide son, no lost yeti,
No Boston snob, no soiled dildo;
Lindsey is tennis,
O bette to belles:
Dio's diet is Lindsey.

By AB 6/17/08


1 said...

"Dio's diet is Lindsey?"


Ridiculous Human Things said...

Yeah, pretty much.