Friday, July 3, 2009

Two Country Songs


I surely love you
wish that you loved me to
I just cain't help but do
which that you couldn't help it too

But wishes are for makin' on things that cain't come true
and hearts are for breakin' so I broke mine on you

I'm too tired too tired to fight
watch me sigh. I'll sigh all night
Wish I may and wish I might
have the wish I wish tonight

(repeat chorus)

(repeat first verse)


He reminds me of me and I like myself
so I-like-him
He's a lot like me and I like myself
so I-like-him

Narcissists are just my kind and I can't get us off my mind
Some say love is hard to do but not when you are loving you

He's sweet and kind
has a dirty mouth
got a real high mind
but can think down south
He's got issues with his mom
and I got issues with my dad
Hell, I got issues with my mom
and he's got issues...with everyone

He reminds me of me
and I like myself
so I-like-him
Problem is he don't like himself
so he don't like me

Someone get this boy some self-esteem
cuz I think I could make a real good team

Someday he and I'll be sittin' in a tree
kissin' on eachother incestuously (co-dependently?)

1 comment:

Joshua said...

Firm, juicy verse from a real plum tucker. Jenny Lewis fused with a douglas fir, grafted onto Kary Wayson's most fabulous gland.