Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm Bloggin' That

This past Friday I went to San Franciso's own Funland brought to you by Cycle-Cide and brought to me by Cat or I was brought to it by Cat along with John and Matthew. You should check it out and go yourself. Here's some info. It's basically a punk theme park setup in a parking lot in Bayshore full of miniature golf holes made from scavenged bits and rides made from bike parts plus hotdogs and bands.

What is important, or at least most important to me, is that while visiting FunLand, we met the Mythical King of Scotland. His name is Kenny. Apparently the first Mythical King of Scotland's name was Kenneth and since the man we met is the second Mythical King of Scotland, that makes him Kenneth the 2nd or, Kenny.

Upon entering FunLand, this large bearded man with pig tails told John that he would like to socialize with him later. He approached us later, told John that it was time and introduced himself as The Mythical King of Scotland. A conversation about D&D between the male members of the group followed. Cat and I looked on until Kenny turned to me and asked, "What does D&D mean to you?"

To which I responded, " I like talking about how many charisma points people have."

Then The Mythical King of Scotland, speaking slowly and deliberately asked, "How many points does it take to score?"

and I said, "I don't know. I'll have to think about that."

"17?" he asked.

"Out of how many?" I wondered.

"Out of 20."

"Sure." I said.

"17 to score. 9 to flirt. If you only have 4 points you should probably stay home."

I concluded that this was a pretty good rubric. Then it got awkward and he eventually left.

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