Wednesday, February 18, 2009


"Everyone chooses her favorite delusion." -- Lindsey Boldt circa 1995 (or so)

"Mine is something to do with love." -- Lindsey Boldt circa 2009

* Berlin Alexanderplatz: Mieze and Franz believe that they love each other. They betray each other and themselves. They keep choosing to believe that if nothing else, their time together is important, significant, the thing. How will the truth be revealed to them? I don't know and am not sure that I can finish the series--it is not helping--so I wake up from too much sleep and listen to the following songs:

"Not On Top" Herman Dune
"Don't Watch Me Dancing" Little Joy
"Corrina Corrina" Ray Peterson
"Be My Baby" The Ronettes
"Thirteen" Big Star
"True Affection" The Blow
"Me Gustas Tu" Manu Chao



tmorange said...

can't wait till i get my hands on this and watch, we'll compare notes then...

Ridiculous Human Things said...

Careful, it'll get you. Lately I've been taking Erika's advice and following each episode up with a ridiculous sitcom. Rough stuff.