Friday, February 13, 2009

The Album Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys

I would just like to make it known that I love the album Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys. Everyone loves that album so it doesn't make me special or unique in anyway. I just want you to know because maybe reading that I love the album Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys will make you want to listen to it and then we can talk about what's so great about it and how I am transported to my special dream place where there are rolling hills, ponies, sail boats and other la-la sorts of things. Then we can talk about how it's crazy that Brian Wilson was deaf in one ear and how he insisted on recording each one of the Beach Boys' vocals to a single individual track and how The Beach Boys used to do a lot of whip-its. Then I can tell you how Brian Wilson and I are astrological twins and how I think we're similar in temperment and artsitic production, how no matter how sad or fucked up feeling we are our work always sort of comes out sort of happy but visa-versa too, right? Anyway, thanks for listening. This has been great.

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