Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One, Two, Three, Four, Five

1. Those who can sublimate go to New York and do. Those who cannot come to San Francisco and don't...do that...they don't sublimate.

2. Kathy Acker is too hot to read on the train to work. It's inappropriate and makes me feel like a creep, sitting there, rumbling along with people, reading and feeling hot, thinking she's right about everything, especially about San Francisco.

3. I feel like there should be a three. Lately my books are inappropriate for the train: too big, too hot, too religious.

4. In the book, I am Kathy Acker and Ron Silliman is this friend of mine and Paris is New York and San Francisco is San Francisco.

5. In "Overboard", Kathy is played by Goldie Hawn and Ron is played by Kurt Russell.


dbuuck said...

ok since you've begged the q: which friend of yrs is Ron-ron?

Pirate Station said...

I cut off my eye-lids and stare at your blogpost until peace arrives. Also, I send it to everyone I know in Paris/Nw Yrk so that we can take it all in and then sublimate it.

Ridiculous Human Things said...
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Ridiculous Human Things said...

When I read Acker, I am always Kathy but the other men and women change, slip, double, triple, true to Acker form. Ron's character corresponds to several people in my life all at once, and it seems to change with each reading.

How many times have I been embarassed to realize that these thoughts were blaring somewhere just out of hearing range, "He knows so much more than me he can teach me stuff I don't know. He's so secure, he'll give me some stability. I'm too flighty. He doesn't love me which means he'll be mean to me so I can look up to him even more." (Acker) Ron could be most any man when those are the thoughts and Kathy could be most anyone.

I am fully aware that I am being cagey, here.