Thursday, August 21, 2008

Heller for RHT: En Route—for now.

Tuesday 7:44 AM EST - WA, D.C.

Looking over the KPC poet(ic) statements catalog again, I (re)re-read the selection from Julianna Spahr's Transformation. Last December, I managed to read that entire book thinking that all three main 'characters' were male, when in fact they were two men and a woman (of course...). Odd: I always say that I want to delete / forget my Self, but instead I (um) enlarge and insert my Self everywhere—in reading, in writing... Max-centric. The KPC poets, however, seem 'hellbent to' explore 'recombinatory' activities / utopias in which *the individual* sees himself as singular to a certain degree, but also (more importantly?) sees himself as a small *part* of a whole.... Big picture-ism. How will Max fit in (as a poet? as a person?) here.

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