Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day Two: MH for RHT @ KPC @ Vivo, Vancouver, BC.

Wednesday 8:32 AM - Vancouver, B.C.

One moment of levity / clarity last night: As Brian Kim Stefans prepared to read, a film projection of his computer-animated word / visual / appropriation (!) piece shuddered against the far wall, the podium stood empty... and then he stepped up to the podium, so that the projected images played across his face. "I'll read in front of the screen. It's an intervention into the, um, digital... social... blah blah blah," he said. Big audience laughter.

Are we serious, here, are we joking? Yes, no; no yes. Social criticism plus in-jokes... do the in-jokes negate the social criticism? Some are perturbed that the KPC hasn't been serious enough, others think that it's been too too, too, already.

Also featured: funereal reading of homophonic translations; semi-Oedipal Angelina Jolie leitmotif (throughout the evening, for real); major enlargement/insertion of Self in Robert Fitterman's slideshow of a single self-portrait (comforting); and real big laughs over a climactic what-if-Ezra-Pound-had-a-blog? poem (Pound jokes get to SF poets every time).

Other news: on Canada's Pakistani news radio, "critical condition" is the only phrase spoken in English; at a glance, my "Smells Great / All Day!" deodorant looks like it "Smells Gay!"; East coast women struggle to accept Pacific Northwest incurable hair-frizz effect (advice, Maggie?); Lindsey, in Canada, it's "Mind the Lip" not "Step Up."

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