Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Max Heller Reports for RHT

"As it turns out... people need to know what you’re doing. You can almost feel the yearning. What are you doing? The ache is palpable."
—Margaret Mason, Morning News

I've ferried several artsy types east toward the concentric rings of Manhattan, but Ridiculous Human Things (RHT) founder LB was by far the most energetic—she interviewed publishers and blogged regularly during her stay, really squeezed blood from stones and "brought something back," as we say in Washington. Now the game has been reversed; I'm heading west to take in the Kootenay School of Writing Positions Colloquium (KPC), and I want to blog a bit about it. I'm not a fire-starter, or a fire-stealer (no Prometheus, nor was meant to be), so, with LB's blessing, I'll be reporting from Vancouver, B.C. (now until the 24th of August) right here on the RHT site. "What a lark."

For now, I'll provide only a few words of context: I've been invited to the KPC as a participant in Rodrigo Toscano's Collapsible Poetics Theater piece Protagonistic Forces, to be "moved through" on August 22, 2008. I've already broken the neck of our camera tripod (sorry) but I found my plane tickets finally, so there's no turning back—"we cannot make the sun stand still, but we can make it run!" (For more information on the KPC, visit the Kootenay School of Writing website at http://www.kswnet.org.)

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