Sunday, August 26, 2012


Look at this sweet van!
Inspired by projects like the Mobilivre and the Zine Mobile we (Steve Orth & Lindsey Boldt) bought this van, from a sweet family in San Jose, to turn it into the Bay Area's own mobile chapbook & pamphlet library.  (More details to come soon!)

We're still putting things together and transforming "Starcraft The Van" into a fully functioning, mega radical, hella comfy, versatile mobile culture mobile!

We realize that there are a few items that could help us out immensely. Maybe you have some of these items in your drawers, closets, basements. Maybe you don't even want these items anymore. Maybe you want to donate them to us? That would be pretty great. Here's our wish-list below this great picture of Steve cruising around Oakland:

and this one of Lindsey demonstrating how fabulously spacious this thing is:

Contact us via:

Library Collection-wise:

*Poetry & Prose chapbooks
*Radical literature (in pamphlet/zine form, please)
*Zines, especially "How-to"  

*Audio recordings of: poetry, speeches, rambles, field recordings, etc.  (recorded by you or made elsewhere)

-Hanging storage for seat backs
-Colorful ribbon
-Binder clips
-Clothes pins
-Clear plastic or cloth hanging shoe organizers (with pockets big enough for chaps & zines)
-Typewriter ribbons
-Guest book
-Suitcases (boxy old-style)

*Decor & Signage:
-Rug (something colorful to cover the beige)
-Blanket for backseat (attractive and good for sleeping)
-Eisel or Sandwich Board (for announcing our presence)
-Dry Erase Markers or Chalk

*Future big things:
-Loud Speaker System
-CB Radio
-Piggy Scanner
-A new paint job
-Headphones (2 sets) w/ quarter inch adapters (or the giant old-style guys)

*How else to support the project:
-Catalog chaps & zines with us
-Organize Outreach & Fundraising with us
-Organize a reading, workshop, festival, or other event with us or invite us to one you've already organized
-Assist with mechanical maintenance and repairs of the van
-Donate money (or gift cards) for: fuel, photocopying & printing
-Donate self-publishing supplies ie: paper, toner, staples, long-handled staplers etc.

* We have plans to create a blog especially for the van and a twitter account very soon.  We'll keep you posted about our goings-on.  An actual name you can get behind is also forthcoming and we will definitely take suggestions.

Lindsey & Steve

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