Monday, July 9, 2012

OVERBOARD BOOK RELEASE : Helluv Belated Self Promotion

Back in April, when Steve and I returned from our mini East Coast reading tour (much to our mutual weeping and wailing), sad to be off the road, but glad to be back home, we celebrated the release of our books, "Overboard" and "Slur the Point" along with the newest chapbook from our press, Summer BF Press, "Prick Queasy" by Ron Palmer. The artist Matt Gordon who made the cover art for Ron's "Prick Queasy" included a one day art exhibition of his drawings in Colter's hallway.  The sun shone brightly on our literary births and everyone ate, drank and made merry. Thank you to dear Colter Jacobsen, for hosting the party and for designing and publishing "Overboard".  It was a very special day.
Here's "Overboard" with Colter Jacobsen's super beautiful cover designs, version 1 and the embellished and far superior version 2. You can get your very own copy by ordering it from Publication Studio.  Colter will then make one for you by hand!
Here's me in drag (short skirt and heels) sitting next to Steve, basking in the glow of friendly faces, sipping some bubbly water and getting ready to read for my hometown (adopted hometown) crew.

Here's sweet Steven (Steve Orth) reading from his new chapbook, "Slur the Point", which is my favorite poetry chapbook of 2012.  My favorite line is probably "I will wear my embroidered bib to the dentist", but that's a tough call. You can read more about "Slur the Point" and "Prick Queasy" at where you can also order them. Huzzah!

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