Monday, January 17, 2011

Summer BF Press

Steve updated the Summer BF Press blog with photos from the recent book release party for Dodie Bellamy's "Whistle While You Dixie". It looks very handsome, I think. That was such a fun night. Dodie brought great snacks and fizzy water. All of these great friends showed up. Bruce Boone who was wearing this incredible multi-colored knit sweater fell asleep on my bed, or at least closed his eyes for a while, and my cat, Miette, curled up next to him. Neil LeDoux, the artist who drew the cover image for "Whistle" hung drawings in my hallway, and there are a few nice shots of that. Dodie read from the second half of the chapbook, about hitchhiking from Georgia to Indiana, which I hadn't heard her read before. Lucky me, lucky everyone. Dodie gave another great reading last night at the Condensary Reading Series in Oakland. Everyone was in such a good mood. Anyway, let's all plan for more of these kinds of occasions to come.


Alli Warren said...

Bruce's sweater! Damn near a Coogi. Or was it?

"living better now, Coogi sweater now"

Miguel said...

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