Monday, January 3, 2011

The Disinhibitor: My favorites of 2010

I wrote about some of my favorite things of 2010 on Michael Cross' The Disinhibitor blog.

I really wanted to add the name Steve Orth to the list and write an embarrassingly long explanation of why I loved that particular item so much in 2010, but I had to hold myself back. No one wants to know about how in love you are, at least not on a year-end favorites list. Still, everyone should know that Steve Orth, whether you're in love with him or not, and I wouldn't blame you if you were though I might feel a little weird about it, is really REALLY worth your time. He's writing all of these great poems and prose pieces too and you should know about it. So that is the most concise way I can manage of telling the internet that I love Steve Orth. He was my favorite thing about 2010. What the heck.

Happy 2011 Everyone! It's going to be a good one, don't you think? I'm excited.