Thursday, October 21, 2010

While waiting for my roommate to rise so that we can commence an earnest talk

about how he should, please, let me know, check in, ASK, before inviting 5-10 Whole Foods employees over to our apartment with no living room only hallway to congregate in the kitchen and talk loudly about the vagaries of being a Whole Foods employee right behind the door my bed abutts, where my head rests on its pillow. Yes. I should and will move my bed. Yes. Yes. He should let me know also if he friends from San Jose (specifically, the GIANT man who can never find the bathroom and a) once wandered zombi into my room and pulled my bed out from the wall to get to the door behind it, thinking THAT was the bathroom door and b) peed on my roommates stuff during the night this last time) will be staying with us, in our apartment with no living room only hallway, kitchen, bedrooms.

While I have been waiting, I have seen and read some great things including:

Butt Magazine : Interview with Dennis Cooper (thanks, Ted via FB)

Dodie Bellamy "In My Defense" (thanks, Dodie via FB)

Review of John Colleti's "Mum Halo"
(thanks, Dana via FB)

but now I can hear him, first in the bathroom -- pisssss TOOT pisssssss -- now in the kitchen, now here he is standing in my doorway, waving with one squinky morning eye.

- Hi buddy
- Hi buddy, I made some coffee
- Awesome
- Have some coffee and then we can talk.

Will I express myself well? I have rehearsed this conversation many times in my head over the past few days and discussed it too, with my sweetheart, who ironically maybe, is also a Whole Foods employee and co-worker of my roommate(s) (both roommates are Whole Foods employees). I will try to be direct. I will use bullet points. I will not discuss the complexity of feelings and experience, but focus [...]
-Yes, mmmm
-So, what's up?
-Uh, let me get some more coffee and let's go sit in the kitchen

5 minutes later...

-Well, that's perfectly reasonable. I'll talk to (other roommate) and we'll get right on board!
-Yeah, sorry about making you worry yesterday and everything I just wanted to have the chance to really sit down when we both could and talk about it and...
-Yeah, totally, I thought it was going to be something big like, "I'm moving out!" or something.
-Right and I...
-Well I'll talk it over with (other roommate) and we'll get right on board!


Now i feel silly. That was way too easy.

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