Friday, February 19, 2010

Pop pop, fizz fizz. O what a relief it is--in my mouth. Cheap thrills on a Friday night. Look out for this guy. Are you rollin'? Nah, I'm cruising. One can't just

get away with
line breaks.

Overdrafted. Does that mean extra conscripted into military service? Skipped over by the gov't for being too 4-F or too gay or too openly female? Too much time spent commanding and shifting? Control C, control V. Them apples. It means purification by fire and I am both the eagle and the eyes--asunder-ing and suffering both. Which myth has the guy with his guts out, served up for eternity? Vittle vitals. Tasty 'testines. Give it up! Give it up! Give up for Miss Sweet-thing over here.


Wasted like desolation time's come and gone, super gone, hammered, out of hand, off the chain. Off the chain and the rock floats the brain from the eyes pecked to pieces, goes to elsewhere for thoughts on smartstuff. My pleasure is too mighty and I flee. Forgive me, I am only now learning to be here. If I split, it's because the chaos got in and my guts can't differentiate between the good kind and the bad kind. I may pee all over the place. I may be ripped in twain by your generosity. By your generously sized generosity. I swear.

Fire and wrath and no money. No money.

I step down from the bus, saying "pardon me" and leave teeth marks on every metal surface behind me. My shit is on that bus. Because I lost it on that bus. My hands folded in my lap. Like, here is the church and here is the steeple, open the doors and see all the people... and your fingers are inside. That's the surprise. Open the doors and your fingers are inside and they there are people. Possible people. People make people. People make people by opening up and seeing what's inside. Was your upbringing slightly religious? but just out of laziness or lack of a better system? like the best preschool is the Catholic one and bible stories teach good values. Wait. What?

Even now, when good stuff shows up saying hey, check me out, I'm super interesting and worth noticing. Don't be afraid. I entertain self destructive fantasies. I swear. I could bite through that hand rail, no problem. Lose my teeth on a diseased bench seat. Bite through bottle necks. Froth, big time.

So we work it out. And much of it is not fit for public consumption but process is like really "in" right now so maybe we put it out there, erring on the side of people generally like what I do and think I'm an okay person so...

and that is how things continue to happen.

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