Friday, October 9, 2009

I Do Me Right

I found a mix cd with the words "For My Love: Pop Music for Cruising" scrawled on it in my handwriting in green sharpie. I'm pretty sure I made it for myself.

I recommend doing this for yourself. Make a mix cd of all of your favorite songs of the moment and stash it somewhere or just happen to lose it like I did (easy for me). Then find it again at least 3 months, preferably 6 months later. You'll feel like you've found your one true love. How could anyone know me so well? you'll wonder. Somehow you've managed to make yourself swoon, laugh, beam, hit the nostalgia button and dance solo-kitchen-sexytime-danceparty-style.

You know what? You're a damn good listener. You're sensitive to your needs, considerate of your feelings, fun to hang out with, great in bed and really, really attractive. You're a catch!

Tonight, I made myself dinner, served myself some crappy merlot and ate some chocolate cookies and listened to the mix cd. It's Friday, I'm not even on my period and I have a darling, angelic, doll-faced gentleman friend in my life and I still know how to show myself a good time. Things are good.

Do yourself right, friends. It's important.

p.s. I was really especially pleased when "Waterfalls" by TLC came on.

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