Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blog, I don't know what to say to you right now so...

Best/Worst Insults (used to describe a person or his/her work):

1. Ubiquitous
2. Utilitarian
3. Hella MFA
4. Benign
5. Redundant

Musical Collaborations With Which I Would Like to Have Been Involved:

1. The Breeders
3. The Ronettes (only if I could sing Ronnie's parts)
4. Cocteau Twins
5. The Cranberries
6. The Bee gees (early not disco)
7. The Beach Boys
8. The Tight Bro's From Way Back When
9. Wutang Clan

What Should/Might Happen to/with this Blog:

1. More lists
2. More lack of direction
3. More thinly veiled poems about my emotional life
4. More self-depricatory remarks
5. More jokes
6. More thoughtful and articulate remarks on the state of poetry/music/art/life/fashion/psychology/our modern world
7. More references to the outside world and its goings-on
8. More interior burblings
9. More stuff about Ponies and Cats
10. More blog posts from my mom
11. More links to your blog
12. More short poems on the subject of boobs
13. More poems that use people's names that you recognize
14. More weekend reports
15. More google image searches
16. More poetry by children
17. More announcements about your upcoming reading/party/gallery show/show/benshi performance/screening/wedding
18. More posts about how brilliant my friends are
19. More YouTube videos
20. Less of the above

1 comment:

merkoneus said...

utilitarian? that's technical writing? like slam poetry? like video game manuals?