Thursday, May 21, 2009

So far,

-I am textbook


-Poem for BB
-Poem for AW
-Spicer (Thanks, Brent)
-Kid paintings at Anna's Market on Hayes St. between Octavia and Gough
My favorite: a red donkey on a kelly green background with the caption,
"I'm in a Green world! I hope that doesn't mean vegetables."
-Pink roses: baby powder Yellow roses: delicious something Red roses: wine White roses: too delicate to say
-Kid poems
-Wu Tang (Thanks, Jen and Michael)
-Trying to think about everyone
-Mama email, "...I am 'blessed' with an unlimited supply of MOSS! Love, Mom"
-Staying on the level, uneasy with the up and up trend but easing up and gearing up to engage
-Much too pretty and don't know where to put it


Alli Warren said...

you wrote a poem for me? do i get to read it?

Pirate Station said...

MORE. More Bones.