Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I have a lot to say

but instead I'm going to share with you these poems written by students in the after-school program where I work as a program leader. I hope they encourage you all to STEP UP YOUR GAME. These kids are coming up and they're probably going to be doctors and CEO's too. If you are interested in a copy of their forthcoming literary journal, Ulloa-Po!, please let me know right away as I am making copies tomorrow.


H is for high, because they jump so high.
O is for observing, because they watch their prey.
R is for running, because they love to play on the field.
S is for super strength, because they are very strong.
E is for extraordinary, because they are awesome in all ways.

What is gold? (3rd Grade)

Gold is gold in the breeze with people’s sneezes.
A tree I see with golden eggs.
I get gold when something is sold.
I see London I see France I see my golden underpants.

This is Just to Say (5th Grade)

I kicked Indy Jones in the crotch with a kick
which could shatter bones, while Batman
changed back into Bruce Wayne. Forgive me,
but I saw through your disguise and crushed
your head between my thighs.

*(unfortunately this poem did not make it into the literary journal as it was deemed too violent.)

Red (4th Grade)

Red remind me of
blood and the fire will
kill you and the sun will
burn your skin, Fire-cracker will
blow your head off the
sky, the eraser will erase
your body, The feather will
made your blood blow
up and you will be dead
and the ball will kick
your head off and everybody
think your head is a chicken
with ketchup.

* (ditto)

More later


Nicoloff said...

Hot shit. "Fire-cracker will / blow your head off the / sky" may be my favorite, but there are too many gems, really.

estaiti said...

the eraser will erase
your body, The feather will
made your blood blow

Ridiculous Human Things said...

I know! Thanks for appreciating.

Also, how can you correct a kids grammar when they come up with constructions like these?

This is what language is for. Blood CAN blow. It totally can.

estaiti said...

"in the breeze with people's sneezes"

that is so swine-flu inspired!

these poems totally made my day. thanks Lbo

fish fishtofferson said...

uh, golden underpants.

need i say more.