Saturday, November 15, 2008

Truly Ridiculous Human Things

I thought perhaps I would never blog again, having nothing to say and being in an almost strictly absorptive mode (as Erika Staiti calls it) until...I found this and had to share it. Watch it and then we'll discuss.

First, it really feels like this respectable if odd looking fellow (His name is M.A. Numminen and he's Finnish) is coming at us like he wants to eat our faces. In fact what he does is sing one of the propositions of Ludwig Wittgenstein. Somehow he manages to combine the figures of Pinnochio and the character Bob from Twin Peaks. The proposition repeated here is "What we cannot say we must consign to silence." I'd like to think that Mr. Numminen went on to sing several others and that this is only a clip. I'm just so glad to have found this. I find it somehow very reassuring.

Numminen is a Finnish musician, composer, artist and general creative gad-about Finland. For more information on this total wackadoo look here.

Wittgenstein was an Austrian philosopher, logician and uncompromising stick in the mud. For more information I recommend watching this or you can read his biography (The Duty of Genius by Ray Monk) which is what I'm doing and why things are generally a little strange for me right now. You might say ridiculous.

***Special thanks to google video search. Just as fantastic as our friend the image search.


St. Clare said...

it just gets better and better. i remember wittgenstein from college, long lessons. this is absurd. it's an absurd thing to sing wittgenstein.

St. Clare said...

absurd, for me, has a positive connotation by the way.

1 said...

I'm mesmerized by his icy gaze and spot on lip synching abilities. Such conviction!

Here's some educational videos that I have found educational:

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