Thursday, November 6, 2008

This is the Jam : Do You Love Me?

This makes me very happy. Recently I've been watching it before I go to work and it always does the trick. I'm certain that if you watch this and Obama's acceptance speech back to back, you will experience joy. Joy sure come new. If not, I don't know what to do for you.

Thanks to Mr. Brian Kim Stephans for bringing this to my attention. The video was filmed in Kuwait in 1978 by the lebanese band, The Bendaly Family.

Also: It's strange right? As in unfamiliar? As in, I don't know how to file it away. I'd like to find more like this. Any recommendations?

Also: Maybe I didn't really understand that Kuwait existed before watching this, at least not as a place that has real beaches, real water, real building.. It's not a good thing, but I believe the change is. Sometimes we need an in, and this video was that for me. Please share yours. I want more ins. The first Gulf War may not have taken place but The Gulf is a place and I need to know that.


1 said...

Oh that's swell.
Hit up Marisa.
She knows things.

St. Clare said...

i like your blog lindsey boldt. this video made me happy. thank you. if you find more, let us know.

1 said...

hear, hear.
hoo-ray for l-bo.