Monday, September 8, 2008

Le Weekend

"Over it" is a relative term
"Under it" is more to the point
Sunglasses are useful on buses 
All you really need to make a guitar is:  tissue paper, mod podge, box, rubber bands, a little heart
Kids are people too, sort of.  Not really.  Only partly people.  Lucky things.
House-sitting is a fine gig if you can handle some else's taste in home decor
If you eat the brownies while you're cooking, you'll be sure to be hungry by the time the food is done
Those things'll getcha
If you don't have a set of Apples to Apples cards, it is easy to make your own and probably better.
Having eaten brownies makes making your own cards much more difficult and playing too
"Ungrateful Bigfoot" will always beat out "Bald Bigfoot"
Daniel Son got fat in one of the later Karate Kid movies
Waking up with friends around is better
Television is delicious on a Saturday morning couch
The Family Stone is a terrible movie
Friends don't let friends miss a gorgeous day
Friends eat connoli and nutella gelato
An organ player rising from underneath the stage will always always be impressive
The Godfather theme song would make a great ring tone
Avoid being the Kaye to anyone's Michael
Connie Corleone gives the best tantrums 
Pangs will happen
Your lady friend makes a great date
The Godfather makes a girl drink wine
She does this and forgets
Sleeping all day is an option whether you admit it or not
Coffee works too
If you can appreciate my cat, I can appreciate you
Twin Peaks is fucked up
Cherry Pie and coffee is the best dessert
Agent Cooper should have known better than to go and fall in love
The phone may be the worst enemy yet
Escape is the best option here
Take this TV show, this leftover frosting, this glass of wine and this cat and make the very best nest.  Hold on till morning.

1 comment:

JC said...

Leave the phone, take the canolli ice cream.

You're the total best.
And a total fox.
Thanks for the date, you're hella my bitch.