Monday, September 15, 2008


gnashing teeth
or spreading gums over
to kiss

*thanks, Sigmund


St. Clare said...

i like your titty poems. a lot.

St. Clare said...

i like that they're labeled titty poems. a lot.

Ridiculous Human Things said...

Thank you, Naomi. I'm glad you like them. If you have any titty poems of your own, please post them here. I'd love to read them!

Maxwell said...

Cock Poem 3

st. barbara of big guns
patron saint of twinks
at home & abroad
(not depicted here, per CIA request)
"not allowed to make messes?!"
"suntne angeli??"
a little tear along
performative aspects and then
twinks in piles, in ruins
in a Turner landscape
in color?! in romantic gestures?
"don't tell *me* how to feel
Incidental Music."
back to the toilets with you
no patron saint for twinks
shown here in tight grids
"All use(s)(rs) are astounding—
*to the used*!" ha ha ha———
a body (politic) provides
savagery upon request—
dicktum, factum!—

Maxwell said...

cock poem 4

blood and slick the
parenthetical lima-beany footprints;
twink's first steps!

Maxwell said...

cock poem 5

you wonders, you
colossus, you
and you tower of babel
and me the grand canyon

Maxwell said...
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Maxwell said...

cock poem 7

poor victorian twink
they gave him the
turn of the century

Maxwell said...

cock poem 8

false: a twink's tears.
phallus: the erection's affection