Friday, September 12, 2008

Also this...

cracks my shit up. Trust me, wait out the first 30 seconds of complete inactivity and the rest will be worth it. I love that this video is the perfect expression of someone's, some American voter's frustration with Barack Obama's politics and maybe even the electoral process, the two party system and the news media's treatment of the candidates. I don't know what it means or whether it's indicative of America's voting public but I'm tickled that someone felt such an overpoweringly urgent need to create this and then share it with us via YouTube. I like to imagine this video's creator sitting at his (it's gotta be a dude) desktop computer (PC) in his boxer shorts, tube socks and white T-shirt (probably from las year's company picnic. Either that or an old No Fear T-shirt). He selects the spray paint option from the Microsoft Paint tool bar and as the black digital spray paint is released from the tiny digital spray paint cannister, so too are his frustrations. "Take that, Obama." He mutters to himself. "Now you look like a girl."

As you're watching please note the following things:

-The music
-The odd sort of misplaced big brother attitude the creator of this video has towards Sarah Palin
-Gary Colman's appearance
-The use of the word "boy"
-The caption "Miscellaneous"
-The alternating representation of Obama as a) scary, b) effeminate, c) both at once or d) a Flinstone's character
-The reference to Barry White

In short: I LOVE THIS.

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