Monday, June 30, 2008

Jobby Job

Inspired by Alli Warren's latest post about work-related acronyms I thought I'd let y'all know how the new job is going.
I'm uh...teaching a "Literacy" and "Recycled Poetry, Recycled Art" for the next 5 weeks as part of Mills College's Upward Bound Program in Oakland.


Evaluating the work of young minds via point system -0- (any negative feelings associated with this process negated by the awesome rush of power, and vice versa)

The kids call me "Miss Lindsey" + 2

I get to say the phrase "Oh, you can just put it in my box." + 10

Commute -2

Hilarious kids with serious attitude + 5

Learning about "Environmental Justice" and "Environmental Racism" via The Environmental Justice Reader" + 5

Knocking the dust off the ol' "Teacher Voice" + 2

Translating and justifying my love of old crap and inability to throw things away into something usefull ie: Found Art/Poetry +5

Edifying the youth of today for a better tomorrow -Really who can quantify the value of that?-


JC said...

This world is a trip.
Right Ted?
We outta here.

mark wallace said...

My problem is that I forget, and find it really hard, to put the teacher voice away. How many hours do I do that every day and then I'm supposed to be a human being too?

Ridiculous Human Things said...

Hey Mark!

I can tell it's going to start seeping into my personal life real soon.

So far my most used teacher phrase is, "There should be no talking. Why do I still hear talking? Seriously guys."

mark wallace said...

When I give instructions or directions, Lindsey, I often say everything twice. And I don't mean in class. Drives people crazy.

Maxwell said...

But when there's blood in the water... man... those kids...