Wednesday, April 9, 2008

U.S. Tour!

Alright folks! As you may know I'm taking this show on the road. The show being myself, some stuff and this blog. Some might call it "The Greatest Show on Earth". Oh geeze.

I'm writing to you now from Chicago, Illinois: stop 1 on the tour. Score 1 for Chicago because I found a cafe with free wireless internet, whew! After a whole day and half at Gpa Boldt's house in Lombard with only an occasional whiff of wifi from a neighbor's house, it feels good to have access to the outside world. Spend more than a day with your grandparents and you WILL believe that time travel is possible. Welcome back to the time of doilies, fake plants, plastic covered furniture and racism! Still, there's nothing like the old fashioned kind of love. Family, that shit is strong stuff.

So, here's how Chicago scores so far:

Wifi +1
Public Transportation +1
Food 0 (unimpressed so far)
Grid System +1
Flatness +2
Brick +1
Sweet old Grandpas +5
Sweet old Grandpa hospitals -1
Promise of German food +1
Promise of Awesome art +2

I'd say that's pretty good so far. I haven't even been to The Art Institute yet. Today I plan to hit up Myopic Books and Intuit Art Gallery. More on that later.

So's you know, I'll be tracking most of my literary activities ie: readings, meetings with poets and publishers, my own writing etc. on a blog for SPD (Small Press Distribution) called Post SPD at Check it out.

I best get going if I want to ACHIEVE great things today. Wish me luck.

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