Friday, April 18, 2008

Best Poem in English- Brown, Bleeker, Boldt

--I interrupt my ongoing travel writings to bring you this gem of literature--

The Best Poem in English

by Brandon Brown, Andrew Bleeker and Lindsey Boldt

Cognac-face sipped from the wrong end. So much
For Chartreuse waders after eight o'clock,
they'll have to wait to chew up their squid lunch
And wait yet more to vomit in a sock

I goofed. Oops. My liver was made of trash.
My tennis racket smelled of kidney stew,
oops, I puked then birdied. Your hot mustache
combed the sand in my bunnker, and a blue

fog made my teeth break in my teeth. O tongue,
O tongue of tongues that tongues a tongue of brass
my dung-face rung the bells, sorry, bunk lungs,
My capillaries sickened of your sass.

Dang dude, I'm all up ons, but she's all nope.
but soft! my righteous hard-on's wiked dope.

3/28/08 -- Edinburgh Castle in San Francisco's Tenderloin

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