Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Zukofsky- All

So That Even a Lover


Little wrists,
Is your content
My sight or hold,
Or your small air
That lights and trysts?

Red alder berry
Will singly break;
Buty you--how slight--do:
So that even
A lover exists.


Hello, little leaves,
Said not St. Francis
But my son in the spring,
Doing at two
(Neither really begged)
What it took the other--
He'd agree and laugh--
44 years to do.

*I found this when I typed "Little wrists" into Google image search.


Que J'ay Dit Devant


Day that passes,
Day that stays,
Day that passes
Other days'

Crow's-foot, sieges,
Tears bare way,
A god's egis,
Catspaw spray.

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