Thursday, March 6, 2008


Alright, so, apparently the above photo is not the taxidermalogical anomaly that I had originally thought. Apparently, taxidermying mice, specifically white ones, is kind of a thing. Instead of just google image searching for "taxidermy" as I did yesterday and finding the above photo, today I typed in "taxidermy mice" and found a whole slew of images. To your right you'll see my personal favorite.

As someone who had pet mice as a child, specifically white ones, this phenomenon both intrigues and disgusts me. The story of my many mice and their odd mishaps and misadventures is a long one so I'll save it but here's a list of names.

Maid Marion and Maid Madeline (death by cat)
Maid Marion and Maid Madeline ROUND 2 (death by same cat)
Angelina and friend (death by old age and death by Angelina, respectively)
Naomi (death by old age).

No, I never stuffed them once dead and dressed them up in little hats and ruffs. I reckon I'll be returning to the subject of taxidermy again in this blog as it is really one of the most Ridiculous Human Things I can think of. There's so much poetic potential here...I'm pretty sure.

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