Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wishlist or: What you Can Get Me on Black Friday

1. I already mentioned this, but I'll say it again: An MC Hammer led flash dance at Oscar Grant Plaza.
2. A van with a Blue's Brothers style sound system (that means huge) strapped to the roof touring the streets of Oakland, blasting greetings, news, b.s. and poems. For example: "Helloooo, Oakland! It's a rainy Sunday morning and if you're not in church already, then welcome to it because the Lord is speaking through me this morning just to say, "Hallelujah, the rigtheous revolution has come. Hop on the party bus to liberation town..." and then someone would read a poem or announce the mind-blowingly productive upcoming news & events of the week.
3. A bail fund
4. An adult & youth literacy tutor training involving the expertise of both the Second Start Adult Literacy Program and the L'il Bobby Hutton Literacy Project. (I'm going to get on this, but here it is as a reminder. Lindsey, you owe me.)
5. A movie night in which we watch "Robo Cop" and "Blues Brothers" at least. (I know second mention, but that car chase scene that ends in piiles upon piles of cop cars is truly sublime.)
6. A masquerade ball in the streets at nighttime with candelabras and maybe...contradancing?
7a) A boycott of the BART and Muni transit sytstems, since they killed two people (just lately).
7b) The replacement of all ads within the BART and Muni transit systems with alternative messages such as, "What would happen if BART cops didn't have guns?" followed by "What would happen if there were no BART cops?" followed by "What would happen if there were no cops and it was our job to hold ourselves accountable?" OR
"If there were no ads, would you still know what you want?"
8a) A 24 hr free medical clinic
8b) A 24 hr free mental health clinic.
8c) A 24 hr free veterinary clinic.
9. A permanent location for the Raheim Brown Freeschool and "As-yet-to-be-named-Library".
10. One of the highrises in downtown Oakland (how about the Wells Fargo Building) filled floor to ceiling with people who couldn't give a shit about how the stock market is doing and a gangload of medics, teachers, artists, poets, musicians, dancers, carpenters, therapists, community organizers, librarians, cooks, photographers, journalists and anyone else with something they want to get done all busy doing what they do without interruption.
11. And other things that defy but ultimately rely upon the imagination.

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