Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beneath the BART the Beach

The BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) platform is a nice place to sunbathe.
Bring a parasol, a beach blanket, some sunscreen.
Sit/Lie on the platform - relax.
Sit/Lie behind the yellow safety strip.
Keep hold of your personal electronic devices : portable fan, boombox, dunebuggy
But there's no eating, drinking or listening to loud music within the BART system.

The Oakland hills are beautiful.
The blue sky is beautiful.
Downtown San Francisco is bustling and beautiful.
Cars go by above or beside the platform.
The people within them enjoy expressive activity.
They are without the BART system.

Lay on your beach blanket - catch heat.
Notice how The Heat warms your body.
A tip from BART police:
"Remember to hold your personal belongings close to your chest."
Remember to wear your sunscreen.
If your skin becomes too tan, this may mean that you have been exposed to too much heat.
Some people have died of exposure to too much heat within the BART system.

If you are hungry within the BART system - hold it.
Hold it, there's no peeing within the BART system.
Bring your bike, scooter, skateboard, dunebuggy to the BART platform.
But don't ride it.

Take BART to Pride.

Bring activities to the BART platform : paddle ball, playing cards, etch-a-sketch, Monopoly.
But do not express yourself through these or other activities within the BART system.

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