Monday, March 14, 2011


I can only do as much as I can at once
You can take BART to Summer
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
What I did in my sleep
The cat and the bag
Strictly emotional
Forever pictured as a saint among men
It's not corny to believe
My cow nose bleeds
at the ringing entry
led about with horns aloft
Fanny means cooch in Britain
I smell and I'll keep smelling
I've got my soft pants on
like Jessica Simpson
like Britney, with my
double barrell baby carriage
two-seater tot rocket
My zombi poison puts you down

I have a hard time understanding that I can be packing my possessions into boxes today here while others possessions are strewn, gone, taken out by water in Japan. Equally hard to think that I will be moving into a new home this week while others homes were broken, exploded, swept and wrenched from foundations and taken out by water in Japan. And I don't know how to think about how still others want their government to change and are being shot for it in Bahrain, in Libya, in Yemen, in Morocco, while I am here knowing I want my goverment to change but feeling at a loss for how and how to show it, and not being shot at all. In Wisconsin, which is in my same country, still others are asking for change, or rather, the lack of change that has been imposed, their rights being taken away, and are struggling, while I am here not knowing what to say or do or how to feel, how to think. Now also, down on Haight St. I bet it's come time when the police have begun to enforce the sit-lie law and I'm over here on Divisadero St. with a place to sit, and laying in bed. I want to write up pamphlets that tell those effected kids who call me a bitch when I don't give them spare change what their rights are, and how to interpret this law that makes no sense, because even though they're idiot-kids, they should know just how fucked they're getting. Also, hard to know that my roommate one room over, behind the doors that shut to make our shared wall, he's struggling, feeling down I think, frustrated and unsure, while I am not today. I know that I have felt down so many times, even this morning when I woke up and everything was gray, and missing buses, and running on little sleep, feeling jammed and wedged into myself, not ready for exposure. Then watching the water slowly fill the Youtube box perameters on the work computer screen from minute 1 to minute 6 and in that space houses slid down their road on water. While I haven't checked Aljazeera today, I know I would see things there that would make the Middle East feel very real. It's hard to understand. I don't think it matters at all what I say or think about any of it, just that I do. I'd say my thoughts are with you. Everything corny and real at the same time.

Pulling flags from giant noses

I'm a fragile human being and you are a cunt.

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