Saturday, November 13, 2010

How bad would it be...

If we opened the reading on Sunday with this Jock Jam:

I just want people to feel really pumped up and this song makes me feel really pumped up. I like to listen to "METHOD MAN" by the Wutang Clan before I give a reading but I think I'm going to start listening to this instead or in conjunction with.

I just really feel like people don't get that it's okay to be SUPER PSYCHED for a literary reading, just as one might feel SUPER FUCKING AMPED for a sporting event. Poetry is like baseball: slow-paced, methodical, calculated for accuracy and impact with moments of startling, revelatory, sublime excitement and I want to change all of that. Poetry readings should be like a basketball games, just like full on intensity and breathless engagement from start to finish, plust cheerleaders and a mascot. No time for thought, no time for reflection, just FULL ON IN YOUR FACE LITERATURE for 20-30 minutes and then BAM! it's over and we go eat pizza and talk about how tall the readers were.

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