Friday, September 24, 2010

I don't know how to contribute but I want to. Computers make me tired. Sitting makes me tired. Check out the captions to photos on the Talking Heads record "Stop Making Sense" they will surprise you. I'll write them out here but not today. My friend had a life crisis and I wanted to be part of it. My friend went to grad school and studies math every day. Teenagers like to have fun too. Why orange and blue? My friend Darwin has a blog. He's in 4th grade. I miss writing poems. I'm not sure how to coordinate. I have a to do list. In Steve's drawings of people, and they are all of people so far, the mouths are dislocated, like someone socked the back of his person's head and their dentures popped out the front. I feel very very lucky. The song "Monster" by Kanye West featuring Rick Ross, Bon Iver, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj is the best thing I've heard since "Plenty Money" or "Lemonade". I don't know how to enjoy a beautiful day every day. I'm on the bus so much. Sentimental things about my boyfriend. Do I dress like a teacher? Thinking about my book finished when it is definitely not. I don't want my book to end. How can you stop writing something that moves alongside your life? Time to go. xxo.

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