Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I'm reading at The Condensary Reading Series in Oakland this Sunday

I'm so happy that my friend Morgan is back from The Netherlands. She makes me so happy.

Morgan and I went to a reading at The New Reading Series at 21 Grand on Sunday and saw Catherine Meng and Thom Donovan read. I have to recompliment the evening's hosts Michael Nicoloff, Alli Warren and Erika Staiti for their programming choice. Pairing these two took a real insight into the ways in which these two poets approach poetry with maybe the same goal in mind but with very different routes to getting there. Meng via the senses, personal experience, and imagination and Donovan taking the theory route Donovan. Both paths produce attentive and arresting poems that encourage us to engage with life rather than retreat from it. Yes! I fully enjoyed my poet friends company. Yes!

On Saturday, I went to the Mission Creek Music Festival with Steve and met John there. Steve and I rode the #24 bus to the #9 bus to Mclaren Park, traveling through neighborhoods I had never seen before (Bernal Heights, parts of Outer Mission, Visitacion Valley). The people going to the music festival were easy to spot: young, white hipsters. I realized that we were young, white hipsters too. We were the only ones left on the bus by the time we got to the park, all of us looking at each other sort of sheepishly, having known where we were all going from the start, but now wondering if we had made it to the right place. We walked through the hills and eucalyptus together like an unlikely band of what, pioneers? Pioneering white folk in the outskirts of San Francisco, tromping through the woods in fashionable footwear, carrying tall cans of crappy beer.

Steve and John and I hitched a ride back to the city (proper) and spent the afternoon at Molotovs where we made this: (john already put it on his blog because he's much quicker than I am but I'll put it here too for continuity's sake).

Yesterday...I worked and cooked dinner. My roommate Matt and I are looking for a roommate if you know of anyone, holler, okay?

Today, I go to the Jewish Contemporary Museum with my sweetheart, Steve, then get ready for my class on The Language of Money at the Marin Juvenile Hall (full of super insightful and sharp 14-19 yr olds) for tomorrow, then go to Dodie Bellamy's workshop, which is full of just mind-alteringly stunning minds. I love talking about writing with visual artists especially. More on that later, I think.

Good week to you all! More stories to come also.

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