Thursday, May 13, 2010


I have not been writing poetry lately. I haven't really been writing anything lately. Today I decided to give myself a little exercise to see if I could do it. Choose 5 words from the SF Gaurdian and write a 5 line poem using them. The poem quickly took on a maritime theme. I think I passed my test but the problem was that afterward I still didn't want to write poems, okay, that's not entirely true. I did want to continue dicking around or more positively, playing with words but I came up against that infernal useless feeling: so what? What good does rearranging words into silly combos do? What am I doing besides amusing myself with twaddle? I am not here to play tiddly-winks, damnit! I am not Gustave Flaubert. I will not sit around describing things beautifully without a nod to their socio-political or emotional significance! I am here to...and then I was distracted by something. So, the conclusion I reached, that I always reach when I feel like I will never write again is that I need to keep reading and brewing and waiting because clearly my desire to write or rather my need to expel collected and compacted information has not yet surpassed my crappy attitude. All in good time. In the meantime, here is some twaddle:

5 Words: smutty, esplanade, bubbles or bivalves, bottom, busk

Smutty-bottomed bivalves
languish along the esplanade
blowing hock bubbles (for kicks)
their tubal-libations cooking
busk in their gullets for passersby

Locally-owned hookers work weapons
in their mouth parts
those slutty prostitutes accomodate
acquisition accessories
for the ol' ball n' chain
studs and bawbles balanchine-style

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