Thursday, April 15, 2010

SFBay ---> NYC : A Belated Rehash

We upped our clothing game: knee socks, suspenders, mixed patterns, bright colors, boat shoes, beards, bare feet, shades, slip-ons, kentucky ties, bowties etc.

We showed boss

We rowed boats

We lurked hipsters

We lurked everyone

even homeless people

look good in New York

We did day drinking

We had made it in strange places

We were pusher-men and women

We mixed

We strolled

We saw familiar shots

We were in a montage

We were in love

We tried to start a dance party

Succeeded once

Failed once

We ate famous

We ate meat

We saw classics

We met internet entities

We made friends

We saw blasts from pasts

We sat in airports

We got drunk and told our best friends that we didn't like their exes (Okay, that only happened to me)

We apologized

We did not have any porgies


We had transcendent reading experiences

We missed things

We debuted

We met cats named Gucci (Just me again)

We managed public transit

We Dunked Donuts (tm)

We introduced

We did not eat any greens

We were pleased to make your acquaintance

We owned that shit

We ran that shit