Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What is Happening to Me?

My life is weird.

I just made the "Yes!" gesture, arms raised above head, fists locked in triumph and hissed, "Yesss!" , after successfully loading a toner cartridge into the printer here at the Post-Apollo office.

Just before that, I got all pleased and excited when I found return postage included in the new cartridge so that the old cartridge can be recycled. I think I actually said, "Oh COOL!"

James Taylor somehow managed to get onto my Bob Dylan pandora radio station. I thumbed it down but still.

I felt annoyed by second hand smoke earlier today while waiting for the bus. I'm pretty sure I made that "ick" face.

I spoke with a tax preparer over the phone about whether I should be considered an independent contractor or an employee.

I comparison shopped for postage scales.

I put on sensible rain-proof shoes this morning.

Thankfully, I dreamt of tigers and foggy bridges and poetry last night.