Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fan Fiction Poetry

A Freudian Reading of Avatar

Earth was our mother but we shunned her
We sublimated our inability to fully possess her
which resulted in a desire to wreak havoc on civilization
Now we have come to demostrate our prowess
by demolishing the largest tree in the forest as if
it were our father's dick

Sexy Alien Fan Fiction Poem

Put your muzzle on my muzzle
fat straps wrap my noggin
batton down my ear flaps
Which brand of alien am I this time?
You be bumpy, I'll be gilled
You be winged, I'll be unable to breathe
Your planet's air works spores into my fatty lungs
Cover my mouth with filters
Stare me down with your infrared gaze
Show me what it's like to have tentacles

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