Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Duh. 1/27/10

O' puppy, s'okay
s'okay, puppy, s'okay
Haiti fall down
(go boom)
I fall down
all the space goes
wubba wubba
sand from the face
I pass
I'll pass
No, thanks
Baby makes good
no comparison
don't compare 'em son
parts fall
and this is uncomfortable
Good job, that was uncomfortable
not yet feeling
quite right
my friends
are good friends
and your friends
are my friends
so that makes us
good friends
i am shaken in bad taste
we catalog events and versions
of ourselves
and make them new
i make that wubba wubba
where there wasn't
wubba wubba before
I don't get it
I'ma smile, kay?

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