Sunday, December 6, 2009

S.F. --> L.A. Road Poem

by me and my boys (Steve Orth and John Sakkis) unawares

Pubes are a present
pubes are a privilage
suspicion is your game (your honesty's to blame)
Viper Room
I'll have a French Racetrack
horse tranqs & red wine
Remember guys, 2 rootbeers each, that's it
East Bay extends to Livermore
Benicia, Vallejo, that's North Bay
stoked, super stoked
get some headshots
book a commercial, work on getting a SAG card
the jukebox affect--playing music you know
Where the fuck are we?
I can't imagine living there
Can you imagine living there?
I can't imagine living there
but these fucking hills are beautiful
This is the Altamont pass
Power pop (Cheaptrick)
Are you equating [redacted] people from Oakland
w/ Uruk-Hai?
That's what that girl said right before we [redacted]
write that shit down
pub cheese--it's pretty fuckin' sweet
yer gonna love it
Rotten Robbie

Giant clouds!
Yosemite! Yosemite! Yosemite!
Nat'l Park!

I got a jug a dat
"No water, no jobs"
La Pinocha--pussy sweet bread
work that clit

Heart full of love for you
kissing cousins
my ambiguous and multiple thought--all at once
all at once
low flying clouds
rocking the hills
like twilight zone
turn to smog
the atmosphere--flattens
we're winding through
workable line
it deals w/ you
I can see the sauce
I want the sauce
all down my mouth/chin
like a guzzler
the shock of persimmon in everyday life
winding up w/ a mouthful
when you thought you were just eating fruit

Heck yeah, the lights
neighboring neighborhoods
Is Glendale a neighborhood or a city in L.A.?
Ok, we don't have to listen to The Doors
the whole time but it has to stay L.A.
Guns n' Roses, Beck
Is Bon Jove L.A.?
No, that's New Jersey

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