Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ANNOUNCEMENT: Reading/Show @ Hemlock Tavern

Hey Friends,

Come see readers read and bands play at The Hemlock!

When: Next Tuesday September 8th @ 9pm
Where: The Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco's Tenderloin
Who: Karl Blau, Neal Morgan, Casual Fog
John Sakkis, Lindsey Boldt, Steve Orth
Cost: $6

This will be a great opportunity to see and hear John Sakkis' new book, Rude Girl. I may have more copies of my new chapbook Oh My, Hell Yes printed by then too. I'll be reading something apropos of the evening ie: music related?

Drinks after, DUH, it is a tavern. Much friendliness too.

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Ridiculous Human Things said...

A resounding success! Huzzah! Hooray for all.