Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This week is NUTS

Yesterday: Eileen Myles read @ Moe's
Tonight: Owen Hill and Eileen Myles read @ Books and Bookshelves
Wednesday: Eileen Myles book party @ David Buuck's place
Thursday: Stan Apps and Douglas Rothchild read @ Books and Bookshelves
Friday: Lara Durback (et al) read @ The Knockout (Rebel Series)
Saturday: Bill Luoma Baseball and Poetry Workshop for SPT
Brandon Downing and Lindsey Boldt read @ Brandon Brown's place
Sunday: Clark Coolidge and Laura Moriarty read @ The New Reading Series
John Sakkis and Steve Orth DJ @ Cassanova


On Saturday I'm going to read from a new chapbook and from the Pony project and then we'll act like young people in the city. Holler!


rodney k said...

Does Eileen Myles "overread"?

merkoneus said...

am i dj'ing on sunday? shit...didn't know.

Ridiculous Human Things said...

Answers to questions:
-Probably not
-I might have made that up

Ridiculous Human Things said...
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Ridiculous Human Things said...

Oh and there's this awesome art opening and film screening of Maya Deren shorts: http://rightwindow.blogspot.com/
on Friday

merkoneus said...

and you forgot about our collating party at my house on thursday...

rodney k said...

Hi Lindsey,

My comment, too cryptic to be bitchy, and not really intended that way anyway, failed to take into account that Eileen's not just "ours," but a journalist, essayist, travel writer, fictionista, queer icon, etc. The packed house at Powell's last night--almost none of them poets so far as I could tell (not too surprising, since it wasn't a poetry reading)--reminded me how many people besides poets care to see/talk/houseparty with the Mylester.

Ridiculous Human Things said...

Rodney, it's so true! She's all over the map and so fascinating. I was only able to see her reading at Moe's and missed the beginning at that. She has quite a presence. Did she read from The Importance of Being Iceland at Powell's?

p.s. I assumed your comment was meant jokingly and I'm sorry if my response was abrupt. I think I was pretty out of my mind tired and stressed out when I wrote them but felt it necessary to acknowledge your comment. That's lazy blogging on my part. Please say hello to Portland for me.