Saturday, August 8, 2009


Persephone's Casual Encounters
uttered by Persephone Lewis in conversation with Lindsey Boldt and Morgan Levy
transcribed by Morgan Levy

Meet me at Popeye’s at midnight. I’ll be the one buying the chicken wings in the clown mask. You into role playing? Safety word’s yellow.

You wanna role play breaking and entering? Meet me near that shit stained pillow. Safe sex is a no no.

I remember you, we role played rape and you thought the safety word was "Oh God" so we had to keep stopping.

Stick around man. I renamed my womb Jesus’ trash compactor. That’s where God put a baby last night.

Do you realize I live in the tenderloin? Im going to have to shit later on.

Lets make paper mache condoms? It will have cold Vaseline in it from THE COCK.

I saw you on the BART. I took a pictures of your panties.

I saw you at the family reunion,. You looked related but I wasn’t sure. We talked over KFC and jello salad, then we fucked in the bushes. I might be pregnant, call me.

I know how girls like you party.

I don’t dig on your vibe, that’s metonymy, fuck off. Just because you know big words does not mean you can see my panties. You asked me if I wanted to party and I spit on you.

I saw you at that poetry reading. You gave me the smokey rape eye.

Hey I saw you reading Kierkegaard.