Friday, July 10, 2009


textbook case
mine very own mind things
up the rafters, sweeping for (dust) bunnies
have been moted, faced
de-moted: brush the D off your shoulders
knock the dust off your gambol and swagger
and the clods shall be kicked
shit-kicking boots that kick shit
out of ____ out of airs
and rally and rally and rally (now darling)
we'll have tea
time to sup


Bring you now heavy
to the game (here we are) it is here
step here now and please now: this height is for jumping
and for plunge


Extra tenderized by the making of tender
12 long hours garnering, waging, bringing in the D
and loving my fellow man

Make money and repeat, and repeat

Son, we'll turn that gold into hay
and roll in it

All I want is love
legally, tenderly, Jesus is calling

I make money
I'm like the mint
Go on, check my pockets
they're all full with lint

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