Monday, May 11, 2009

From My Notebook: This Weekend

"City Hall is right down the street from your house if you want to go get married."

Schwartz, Morgan, Me

"Hey, Honeybubble"

"Shit, blood..." "Shitblood"

Collaborative Poem composed at Zeitgeist in the sun
by Micah Ballard, Brandon Brown and Lindsey Boldt

homey has Rembrandt eyes
come to me brother
peep this
and this is what's happening
come on, man
don't hate, peep recognize game
Coletti, Brown, really bad cell phones
who are these people
encrypted orders
giving me LOVE
it must be
Lindsey, Coletti, "it's Brandon Brown!!"
we're out in the day-time!
it's awesome, but I have no idea what yer saying
Micah's dick = she's pretty
but she ain't fine as you
I'm vulnerable
Yeah, I know.
excuse me, I'm gonna go in this port-a-potty
I'm in a plastic container of shit
"What is that face?"
invulnerable means, less suspicion
fussing about the terrace
shut your face
I was courting her, in the sense of wanting to
give her a scholarship
Word to your mom, it is so fucking on


Pirate Station said...

"fussing about the terrace" will be the name of my next new poem. It's so Woolf meets Wilde, it must be me.

Ridiculous Human Things said...

No joke, Max. I wish I could take credit for it. I thin that's a Micah line.

Stas said...

"scholarship" haha. I'm totally stealing this one. "This woman is so hot, I wanna give her a scholarship" - I'm gonna say that a lot.

Ridiculous Human Things said...

Do it, Stas.

morgan said...

"What is that face?" yes, what IS that face?