Monday, April 13, 2009

Sprang Break 2009. Woot Woot!

-Kept yelling "Spring Break!" and then looking around for something to do and then yelling "Spring Break, yeah! Wooo!" again.
-Missed Stephanie Young's reading at Studio 1
-Made it in time for Kasey Mohammad's (awesome, stunner, stellar)
-Enjoyed after party at Sarah Studio 1 curator's house
-Got a little bit belligerant
-Watched poet jaws drop when Persephone whipped out the gavel that she carries around in her purse and started calling people homo's
-Talked a lot of smack
-Peed behind some white vans in the TL (I couldn't make it and I thought it would be funny)
-Cacklepark in which P and I sat in the park in Hayes Valley drinking coffee and naming passersby (ha, ha, there go Dean and Angela. Hey there's Ashley, he just got back from Ren fair)
-Drank $2 Pabst in the sunny afternoon with P at a punk rock bar whilst reading poetry
-Soul Dance Night in which my womenfolk and I danced and were hit upon by a man who led us to believe he was gay but was in fact quite straight
-Watched Persephone get her game on
-Went to bullshit bar and quickly hailed a cab back to punk rock bar where I grouched and griped, calling any of the guys P thought were "dishy" lame or likening them to Bill Pullman until the bar closed.
-Peed in Alamo Square Park (I could've made it but I thought it would be funny)
-Woke up super grumpy
-Got my head right
-Edited Overboard and wrote new section
-Hung out at Dolores Park with every other young person in the city and Morgan's nice friends
-Ate delicious Vietnamese food
-Tried to mediate
-Home time
-Therapy (first time in about 4 years)
-Thought about that
-Home time
-Started reading Stephanie Young's piece from her reading at Studio 1 (thanks, DZ)
-Cut up Titty Poems and arranged them on the floor in pairs
-Swept the floor
-Thought positively
-Talked to Mom
-Saw William Kentridge exhibit at MOMA
-Felt pride in my interactions
-Felt love for fellows and fellas
-Wanted to help
-Lady time w/ Alli, Morgan and Persephone
-Dressed up in princess outfits: tulle, pink vinyl, tiaras and got crunk to rockabilly
-Dropped P's phone in full bathtub
-Had my contacts accidentally drunk by P
-Wandered around half-blind with my seeing-eye-friend
-Bought mint-infused lemonade from children who were also on their spring breaks
-Cacklepark Part II sans vision (did see a border-line homeless person with a gold-plated bicycle)
-Played country tunes
-Lady time
-Tried to help by text
-Wrote "Casual Encounters" ads for Craig's List with P&M at coffee shop
-Watched "Adam's Rib" with roommate a screwball comedy starring Hepburn and Tracy
-Decided to start saying the phrases, "Search me", "Naturally" and "It's a cynch".
-Watched tv on the internet with Miette
-Made summer plans with Maxwell
-Anxiety attack
-Watched tv on the internet with Miette
-Was offered a reading at Artifact (!)
-Accepted offer of reading at Artifact w/ effusive enthusiasm
-Ate Quiche at Ferry Building and chatted with Brandon
-Went to bar w/ outdoor seating and attempted to drink a bloody mary with P but commenced anxiety and nausea and went home
-Cooked turkey cutlets with P and watched internet tv and "Blowup"
-Felt angry at main character of "Blowup"
-Hit the road to Jenner with a fine crew of lovelies (Jonathan, Jenny, Persephone, Morgan, John, Cat and Brandon)
-Viewed a majestic view
-Drank and ate to excess
-Sunned self
-Talked mad shit
-Tried to play guitar and could not
-Talked shit
-Tried to harmonize on Brandon's "In a Hot Tub" song
-Should've drank more water
-Boldted (similar to Ralfing)
-Grimmaced for about 3 hours and was dubbed "The Easter Monster"
-Missed a delicious breakfast
-Bucked up
-Flaunted my impeccable Kiwi accent but saved the Scottish for another time (dork)
-Listened to John's Greek Accent and Brandon saying, "You're mad!" in a kiwi one many times over. Neither got old. Accents are funny; I don't care what anyone says.
-Ate Easter candy
-Talked shit
-Told Persephone to "be cool".
-Listened to stories about: guns, childhood animal torture, chores, European adventures, run-ins with Australians, The Power Exchange, mutual friends, poets and more while waiting for laundry to dry
-Came home

Spring Break 2009


John Sakkis said...

you forgot the corvettes...

Pirate Station said...

[insert picture of me with my shirt lifted, Corona Extra being poured over my easter eggs]

Nada said...

I just... love this...

Ridiculous Human Things said...

Corvette convention at the coast. Parking lot full, then miles of road full. Both cars of Real-Worlders agreed: Douchebags.

Morgan's theory: Corvette Co. (?) marketing ploy. My addition to that theory: facebook.

*Stazione Pirata, wish you were her (like the postcard, get it?)

*Thanks, Nada!

morgan said...

Me: just cut up some titties and arranged them on the floor. no poems.