Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Score 1 for Me

I felt really proud today when I remembered how to make a pipe out of an apple and did so for my friend Persephone. I'm usually not very good with my hands, terrible at crafting things, shaky and generally have poor spatial awareness and motor skills (I can dance but I can't parallel park). P was all out of rolling papers and wanted to smoke a cigarette. There was no going down to the corner store to get more because she didn't have her face on yet and I wasn't about to go down 6 floors into the TL morning to get some for her like her dumb boyfriend, so I did the good friend thing and fashioned a pipe out of an apple so that she could get her nicotine. Just as I was stabbing holes in the tin foil with a knife she found her rolling papers and it was all for naught. I did make her take one rip (?) off of the thing before allowing (ha, nobody tells that girl what to do) her to roll herself a cigarette. Then I ate some of the apple, the part not soaked in tobacco, just like in high school with the other stuff.

Also, this morning I decided to think more positively and to share that sunny sunshine with you. My friend Persephone, of the above story, goes around laughing in life's face like it's a casino cop on a power trip or like one of the girls in that movie Daisies (Czech New Wave, yeah, I'm hip) and maybe it's all the Deepak Chopra I've seen her reading but things work out for that girl, and she always has a damn good time, so I'm getting on that train, starting with this story. Here's to some positivity. It's Spring. I'm going to write in the present tense more often because I think it might be empowering. Ha. Shoot!

Score 1 for me: apple pipe


John Sakkis said...

choco wrist watch! redacted!

i love running into you hammered on tuesday. i'm a very huggy person.

Ridiculous Human Things said...

No kidding. Warmed my heart. Hooray for the hood!